Rüdiger Birkner

PhD Student

I am a fifth year PhD student at the Networked Systems Group and the Secure, Reliable, and Intelligent Systems Lab at ETH Z├╝rich, co-advised by Laurent Vanbever and Martin Vechev.

My research aims to improve network analysis and monitoring by developing methods that automatically bridge the gap of low-level network information to high-level policies and present them in intuitive ways.


Conferences & Workshops

Config2Spec: Mining Network Specifications from Network Configurations

Rüdiger Birkner, Dana Drachsler Cohen, Laurent Vanbever, Martin Vechev
USENIX NSDI 2020. Santa Clara, CA, USA (February 2020).

Net2Text: Query-Guided Summarization of Network Forwarding Behaviors.

Rüdiger Birkner, Dana Drachsler Cohen, Laurent Vanbever, Martin Vechev
USENIX NSDI 2018. Renton, WA, USA (April 2018).

SDX-Based Flexibility or Internet Correctness? Pick Two!

Rüdiger Birkner, Arpit Gupta, Nick Feamster, Laurent Vanbever
ACM SOSR 2017. Santa Clara, CA, USA (April 2017).

Concise Encoding of Flow Attributes in SDN Switches

Robert MacDavid, Rüdiger Birkner, Ori Rottenstreich, Arpit Gupta, Nick Feamster, Jennifer Rexford
ACM SOSR 2017. Santa Clara, CA, USA (April 2017).
  • ACM SOSR 2017 Best Paper Award

Network Monitoring as a Streaming Analytics Problem

Arpit Gupta, Rüdiger Birkner, Marco Canini, Nick Feamster, Chris Mac-Stoker, Walter Willinger
ACM HotNets 2016. Atlanta, GA, USA (November 2016).

An Industrial-Scale Software Defined Internet Exchange Point

Arpit Gupta, Robert MacDavid, Rüdiger Birkner, Marco Canini, Nick Feamster, Jennifer Rexford, Laurent Vanbever
USENIX NSDI 2016. Santa Clara, CA, USA (March 2016).
  • USENIX NSDI 2016 Community Award
  • Selected in the "Best of the Rest" session at USENIX ATC 2016

Demos & Posters

Boosting the BGP convergence in SDXes with SWIFT

Philipp Mao, Rüdiger Birkner, Thomas Holterbach, Laurent Vanbever
ACM SIGCOMM 2017. Los Angeles, CA, USA (August 2017).